Spring Comes and Goes in Portland

In honor of spring, I wanted to share some old* photographs of springtime in its ravishing (and occasional, since spring usually doesn’t stick in Portland, Oregon) glory. (Some still have my old copyright on them… I wonder where the originals are. Hmm.) A few of the various locations where the following photographs were taken: Farmers’ […]

Bring the sun back!

It rained today, which made me feel very, very lazy. (Amirite??) I did, however, get some new design templates made for my jewelry. 😀 AND we got caught up on Walking Dead. Also read a little bit more of 1421: The Year China Discovered America, which is vastly interesting. Must do more research into this. […]

Spring is here!! (I hope…)

It has been uncharacteristically sunny and warm the last several days here in Portland, Oregon. Absolutely lovely, actually! Too bad I’ve been holed up inside–BUT it’s for something good. I’ve been working on more jewelry designs, trying to figure out this whole social media marketing shebang, and hangin’ with my cats. They have a level […]