Etched & Painted Brass

Etched & Painted Brass

Hooo!!! New design… I’m very excited with how this turned out. I drew the design by hand onto the brass, etched it, and then painted the etched portions with black acrylic paint. It’s got a really interesting stamped and weathered look. So many different possibilities for etching… 😀


Painted Necklaces!

Painted Necklaces!

I wore this yesterday while I was out and about… It made me feel so pretty!! I painted a rectangular brass pendant with hot pink enamel paint in a bold geometric pattern, and hung it from a simple antiqued brass chain.

Available for sale here:

Too Much Stuff…

…to make, and too little time! Ever feel that way? 🙂 I just opened my fourth Etsy store (only three are currently open–I’m not THAT crazy!). I make paper art collages of animals partaking in human activities (Yellowcake Crafts), paint chubby animals in acrylic (Tea Party Animals), and now I make and sell jewelry and accessories! [The accessories part to come… Like I said, I’m not THAT crazy.)

I shipped off my first order today, to a lovely person in Puerto Rico. So excited to put more jewelry in my store. Here are the earrings she purchased (I sent along a little gift for being my first customer to this store!):